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Food waste is the single largest emitter or methane gases, so sending food waste to landfill MUST STOP.

Here at Hungry Giant – we design manufacture, distribute the world’s most innovative food waste processing equipment. Our complete “table2farm” management system solves all the bottlenecks of on-site processing. We just make it easy for you! 

We supply our certified compostable packaging range, we manage food waste collections. We service your equipment.


Hungry Giant has innovated food waste management since 2006.

We looked at the existing products and solutions in the market. They were cumbersome, costly and inflexible. We engineered our technology from the ground up. We researched the globe for the best supporting technology. We ruggedized our designs for heavier commercial application. 

We spoke with our composting partners and listened to their challenges. We researched and partnered with the best certified compostable packaging producers. We tested and certified that packaging to ensure it processes through our equipment to create our circular economy “Table2Farm” system. 

The end result?

100% contaminant free* bio-soil amendment ready for land application. Your total food waste recycling solution. 

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We can create a complete food waste management solution to fit your needs.