A giant vision for a giant problem

Our Mission

Dropping waste in a big hole may have been a “solution” a hundred years ago, but that doesn’t cut it in our modern world. We think a solution should actually solve a problem, not pile onto it. Lookin’ at you, landfills.

Food waste was an afterthought then, and it’s even worse now! Changin’ times call for changin’ ways, and we’re giant advocates for taking food waste from out of sight, out of mind to in-sight and ON the mind.
Why? Because we can’t afford to keep sweeping this under the rug.

Hungry Giant solutions use new technologies that turn food waste into a useful, useable, reusable resource. Imagine a world full of waste that’s anything but wasteful. Sounds like paradise to us.

So, let’s get food waste out of the trash and into the future.
Let’s feed it to the Giants and feed the Earth!

The Hungry Giant Family

The Founder's Story

Chris O’Brien is the Chief Executive Officer of Hungry Giant and a member of the management committee. Prior to serving in his current roles, Chris invented products and created companies in the waste management industry in his native Australia. After selling his waste management services business in 2017, Chris moved to Austin with his wife and daughters to attack waste in a new, bigger market. 

He never stops contemplating ways to improve waste management systems and has created, developed, and improved products from Styrofoam recycling equipment to IoT solutions for managing waste hauling contractors.

More About Us

Information about industries, partnering, and media resources on our products and solutions

Who We Serve

Here at HG we have tested and vetted a range of certified compostable single use packaging for your business. You can now implement your HG organics recycling system with complete piece of mind. No re-training patrons, kitchen staff, just throw it all in our system. At the back end, we have a consistent output that our compost partners love.

Work With Us

Become an International Distributor Partner in engineering, supply chain, equipment servicing, etc.

Connect with us in becoming a U.S. Reseller or Dealer. We are members of MANA (mana?) and are actively looking for representatives that can share our vision, products and solutions.

Media & Info

• CO2, emission and additional statistics
• Product specification sheets (PDF)
• Circular Economy Education materials
• YouTube Links (A bit odd sounding to say this?)

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions regarding about our business, products, and solutions. Explore more to learn more about what others are asking.

Rent, Lease, or Buy

Learn more about how you can get a hold of our equipment. We have options for rentals, leasing or purchasing our equipment. Explore your options.
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Listen, we all know food waste is a GIANT problem and we are HUNGRY for change! We can all do better. Talk to one of our experts to work out the best way to manage your food waste today. Be gone- Greenhouse Gas emissions!
Hungry Giant 
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