Closing the loop on food waste

There’s never been a better time to invest in on‑site waste management infrastructure

Many “Green” conscious companies are installing on‑site food waste recycling solutions to achieve their sustainability goals. There’s never been a better time to invest in on-site waste management infrastructure, as ever increasing waste costs and reductions in C02 emissions bolster change at the procurement level.

How does Hungry Giant compare to other organics solutions?

  • The cost of the solution is fixed, giving you control of your organic waste disposal costs at a time when many landfills are charging premium tipping rates and the procurement of other composting machines does not present a feasible return on investment.
  • Benefit from reductions in net GHG and waste transport
    costs overall.
  • Significantly increase diversion from landfill and avoid harmful methane emissions.
  • Dried remnants are biologically stabilized resulting in zero fermentation or pathogen risks. And with less than 10% residual material, reclassified as a soil amendment, many clients make arrangements with local farmers and agricultural centers that are more than happy to collect the material and put it back to pasture, closing the loop on food waste.

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