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Food Waste Recycling: Give Table Scraps A Second Life with Chris O'Brien

Chris O'Brien | January 25, 2023

With so much trash produced by the food we eat, looking for sustainable ways to reuse them must always be a top priority in any organization or community. Without implementing sustainable food waste recycling methods, these will only continue piling up in landfills. Chris O’Brien has found an efficient way to address this problem that goes beyond compost: using bio-dehydration systems to turn food waste into compostable food stock. Joining Corinna Bellizzi, he talks about how their electric-powered machines at Hungry Giant Waste Systems provide innovative solutions for the handling and management of organic material. Chris explains how reducing food waste through their products can lead to healthier soil, reduce methane gas production, and make recycling much easier to do even right at your own home.

Watch the original video HERE.

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