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Earth911 Podcast: Hungry Giant's Chris O'Brien on Reducing Institutional Food Waste

Chris O'Brien | February 10, 2023

How can we eliminate food waste created by restaurants, institutional cafeterias, and retail grocers? According to the National Conference of State Legislators, food waste is a plague in our supply chains. Farms contribute 16% of total food waste and businesses another 39%, while households are responsible for 43% of food waste. Chris O’Brien joined the podcast to discuss processing food waste into a soil supplement, fuel source, and animal feed. He is the founder and CEO of Hungry Giant Waste Systems, which distributes bio-grinders and bio-dehydrators that grind and dry food waste generated by restaurants, cafeterias, and grocers. It’s a scaled-up, industrial version of the Lomi Home Composter, which we discussed in a recent episode.

Read the original article, and listen to the podcast episode HERE.

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