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Food Grinders & Dewatering Machines

When we first started with our innovative food waste bio-dehydrators back in 2009, we changed the way food waste was being disposed of. As time went on, we saw the need to help businesses automate their transfer of food waste. Less handling means happy workers, safer workers and less YUCK. 

Well, we are now innovating again on how to grind and transfer in an automated yet efficient way. Our system uses 1/6 of the water that a traditional pulper does. It even handles shellfish and small bones, unlike a traditional pulper that can get clogged. We have a range of systems, from self-contained grinding and dewatering to centralized dewatering units. We have systems that can feed into one bin (solus transfer), or multiple. 

If you are a large volume food waste producer, we have the complete system for you, unlike any other product on the market. 

Watch the video to learn more, then click on each model type:

    Click here to view our different models of grinding and automated handling systems.

    Freestanding Waste Station (solus)
    The Solus is a standalone food waste grinder that uses ruggedized centrifugal techniques to macerate the food waste. The unit has an integrated centrifugal de-watering system that removes up to 60% of the water volume. The semi-dry pulp is fed into the small bin that slides neatly into the unit. This is ideal for smaller kitchens or areas where the connected vacuum system is not viable.

      • Modular Waste Stations

      Our modular waste stations can be placed in various locations within your kitchen, or in various kitchens on different levels. These waste stations grind your food waste, and then transfer them into a pipe system that is interconnected. These pipes run to a centralised collection point where it can be further processed with 3 options available to you. 

      • Centralized food waste containment systems

      When your ground up food waste arrives at the centralised location, we have several options available for you, depending on your preferences for reuse and local hauling options:

      1. We can send your ground food waste to a holding tank outside. The holding tank can be customized to your site requirements. Hungry Giant will manage the whole collection process for you. Some haulers provide beneficial reuse options once the material is collected, and rest assured we will look for the most sustainable localized option, whether its fodder, compost, anaerobic digestion, soil injection or any other organics recycling solution. 
      2. We can send your ground food waste to our dewatering unit which removes up to 60% moisture. The semi- dry pulp is gravity fed into 80-gallon bins, that can be collected by our approved haulers nationwide. 
      3. We can send your ground food waste to our proprietary Bio-dehydration systems which turns your food waste into a reusable fertilizer like product. This product is also 90% volume reduced, is biologically stabilised and can be stored for extended periods before being collected. This creates a full 360-degree closed loop landfill free solution for your business.

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        We can create a complete food waste management solution to fit your needs.