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  • Plate-2-Farm™
    Total Food Waste System

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  • WN/WN Compostable Packaging

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  • Organics Collection Services

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  • Data Analytics

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See what we did there?
There are two methods of solving food waste with Hungry Giant, and they’re both effective.
It just depends which one’s right for you

Giant A La Carte

How it Works: You choose the giants you need and put ‘em to work. Maybe you just need one. Or maybe you need to double up, pair them up, or build a whole Hungry Giant family. We’ve got every size machine for every size need for every size business.

The Whole Hungry-chilada a.k.a. Plate-2-Farm

How it Works: This is our full service food waste solution. We do it all, you just watch it work.

Plate-2-Farm combines our grinder, dewaterer, and dehydrator giants, all working together to reduce cycle times, food waste handling, and energy consumption.

The Plate-2-Farm solution also comes with our WNWN certified packaging and products to maximize your positive environmental impact and virtually eliminate your organic waste stream from the landfill. No more separation of flatware and food waste!
Like our sticker says, it’s a Win Win
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Listen, we all know food waste is a GIANT problem and we are HUNGRY for change! We can all do better. Talk to one of our experts to work out the best way to manage your food waste today. Be gone- Greenhouse Gas emissions!
Hungry Giant 
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