Meet the Hungry Giant

The world’s fastest food waste dehydrator

Turbo-charge your recycling with the world’s fastest organic waste dehydrating system.

A global leader in commercially ready waste and recycling equipment, Hungry Giant Recycling Inc., now established in the U.S.A., delivers cutting edge, state of the art, waste and recycling technology, primed for “at source” application.

The Hungry Giant Food Waste Dry Dehydration system (FWDD), turbo-charges the food waste decomposition process through accelerated dehydration and agitation, reducing the original waste volume by between 80 and 93%.

User friendly and environmentally efficient, the FWDD is designed with safety and operational functionality in mind. Unlike other machines in the marketplace, the Hungry Giant FWDD unit does not require additives such as microbes, enzymes or fresh water and, whilst operating at safe temperatures, it eliminates pathogens and potential biohazards without the emissions normally associated with this process. Capable of 2 cycles every 24hrs, the Hungry Giant FWDD series is available in 6 different sizes, suitable for any application.

Features include:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers(PLCs)
  • An intuitive power saving mode, which saves electricity during and after each cycle.
  • Anti jamming sensors
  • Single button, Start, Stop and Discharge functionality
  • Overload sensors and integrated, factory fitted bin lifters, fully automated, so no more lifting heavy bins physically.

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