How Are The GIANTS Changing 
Food Waste Management At Sea?

We're here to help you with a GIANT problem:
Offshore food waste management

Marine Food Waste Management Solutions

The Old Way: Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Up until now, the marine food waste management process has mostly been about grinding food scraps to a certain size and then releasing the waste into sea in accordance with MARPOL ANNEX 5 guidelines. Kind of the same archaic process we follow on land— just throw food waste into a big hole in the ground. Not ideal since that helps micro plastics find their way into our precious oceans.
Polluted waste streams ending up in the ocean hurts:
Bottom Line
marine food waste management
marine food waste management

Navigating While Circumnavigating

Trying to navigate compliance with laws while traveling through international waters presents additional marine food waste management challenges. We understand that the differing quarantine regulations in certain countries and storing rotting food waste on space-limited vessels makes it difficult for operators.
Even when food waste systems grind in accordance with Marpol sizing, it is illegal to discharge microplastics into the ocean, and this cannot be guaranteed.
We don't go overboard;  we turn your food waste into fuel.

Old Vessels, But New Options

Retrofitting existing vessels can be a real barrier to change. Finding companies that can manufacture custom equipment, specifically designed to fit on your vessels is rare. 
We have the team to ensure:
marine food waste management
marine food waste management

Rugged Tech With Established Reputation

Purchasing substandard equipment can be a frustrating challenge many of our clients have faced in the past. Being sold false promises, equipment plagued with issues, and no after-sales tech support has prevented widespread adoption. HG technology is different; it’s rugged and ready for application. 100% SS304 construction, IE3 motors, and a proven track record ensure that you can buy with confidence.

From Our Founder

Hi, my name is Chris O’Brien, and I am the founder of Hungry Giant. Designing and building some of the very finest waste recycling equipment that solves real-world issues is what gets me up every day.

In the marine industry specifically, I know first-hand what issues can arise because I have been onboard with some of the world’s most talented engineers from the largest world-class cruise liners. We have sat in the waste rooms collaborating to develop the right solutions for managing food waste at sea. I truly believe we have raised the bar and now set the new standard in offshore food waste management.

No more waste overboard, no more mess with rotting food in the galleys and waste rooms, and no more concerns about abiding by different discharging and offload laws.

So What Are They GIANTS, And How Do They Work?

1. Food waste is placed into your GIANT. It's a batch load system, so keep loading until he is full.
2. Turn it on, and your GIANT will do the rest.
3. Inside, the food waste is macerated and dehydrated converting it to an 80-95% volume reduced output material.
4. The output is treated to temperatures that make it biologically stabilized (pasteurized).
This process makes it inert and ideal for:
Onboard Incineration

Key Features:

ZERO food waste overboard
No micro/nano-plastics discharged into the oceans
ZERO airborne pathogens (batch load system)
Safe in contained environments!
ZERO suspended solids (TSS) in condensate
Zero clogging of MBR membranes or pipes
ZERO water consumption to process waste
Resource efficiency
ZERO rotting food odors
Less yuck!
Most hard & soft food waste is accepted
Minimal separating, if any compared to other systems
80-95% volume reduced & stabilized biomass output
Can be stored for extended periods
Output can be incinerated or gasified
High calorific value fuel source
Save on waste offload fees
Save disposal costs
Can be installed in any location on vessels
Fully customizable sizes ranging from 70lbs 
up to 3000lbs per cycle
Marine-grade IE3 motors and SS304 construction
Ensures long lasting equipment
It's time to take a stern look at your onboard processes to better manage food waste.
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Listen, we all know food waste is a GIANT problem and we are HUNGRY for change! We can all do better. Talk to one of our experts to work out the best way to manage your food waste today. Be gone- Greenhouse Gas emissions!
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