Does Your Restaurant Struggle 
With Managing Food Waste

restaurant food waste management

Restaurant Food Waste Management

Running a successful restaurant is a challenge. Licensing, staffing, supply chain, menu design, and perishable inventory, it is not for the faint of heart! Restaurant food waste management is somewhat of an afterthought for passionate restauranteurs who are busy running their business. It doesn’t have to be though!

Planning and investing in minimizing and managing your waste can save you real operating dollars. It can keep your premises odor free and can really have a positive branding impact for those environmentally conscious patrons of yours (not just the Karens!).

Build Your Own Biomass

Forward-thinking restaurateurs are quickly seeing the benefits of improving restaurant food waste management on-site, by turning wet food AND compostable packaging into a dry, stabilized fertilizer compost.

Hungry Giant has specifically engineered/scaled our technology down to a restaurant-sized system! This means you can now turn your food waste into a stabilized biomass on-site!
From This
restaurant food waste management
To This
restaurant food waste management

Hungry Giant solves these common restaurant issues

Fewer truck visits, pickups and interruptions
Less cleaning
Less rotting food waste at your back door - less yuck and less odor
Lower cost of disposal
Compostable packaging
Lower carbon footprint
Less exposure to hauler price hikes
Guaranteed diversion from landfill
Increased recyclability of residual waste 
due to reduced contamination
Closed Loop Solution

Pack It Up and Pick It Up

But what about the packaging? Our Plate2Farm total food waste system allows your compostable to be processed through our equipment too! Now you have no separation issues, no contamination issues with your local composter, and best of all, HG takes care of the whole process including hauling away your dried 80-90% volume reduced soil conditioner.
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restaurant food waste management
Contact us today to learn more about our equipment and solutions for your restaurant.
Leasing options are available.
Use product in a 10:1 ratio for fertilizer, or for compost - do not use for 28 days after discharge.
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Listen, we all know food waste is a GIANT problem and we are HUNGRY for change! We can all do better. Talk to one of our experts to work out the best way to manage your food waste today. Be gone- Greenhouse Gas emissions!
Hungry Giant 
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